NEW SPECIES OF FISH (Syllabus: GS Paper 3 – Env & Eco)

News-CRUX-10     22nd September 2023        

Context: The scientists of the Zoological Survey of India (ZSI) have discovered a new species of a vibrant orange colored deep water marine fish from Digha Mohana in West Bengal.

New Species

  • About: Commonly known as gurnards or sea-robins, belongs to the family Triglidae. 
  • Zoological Name: Pterygotrigla intermedica, 
  • Features: it has characters quite similar to species like Pterygotrigla hemisticta.

o Long opercular spine and a very short cleithral spine; lateral-line,gill rakers on upper limb and 12–13 on lower limb of first gill arch and 

o A large black blotch between the 4th and 6th spines of the first dorsal fin

  • Found in: Coastal waters of Digha Mohana, West Bengal. 

o This region is known for its rich marine life and is a valuable site for marine research and conservation efforts.

  • Fourth Species: It is the fourth species of Pterygotrigla genus in India so far, and there are a total 178 species of the Triglidae family worldwide.

Zoological Survey of India (ZSI)

  • About: It is India’s apex organization on animal taxonomy.
  • Establishment: 1916 
  • Headquarters: Kolkata
  • Objective: To promote survey, exploration, research and documentation on various aspects of animal taxonomy in the Indian subcontinent.
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