WINDFALL TAX (Syllabus: GS Paper 3 – Economy)

News-CRUX-10     17th November 2023        

Context: The government of India recently announced a reduction in the windfall profit tax on domestically produced crude oil and diesel exports, aligning with the downward trend in global oil prices.

Windfall Tax

  • About: The purpose of a windfall tax is to impose additional taxes on a company's profits generated from an external event, often unexpected, such as the increase in energy prices due to the Russia-Ukraine conflict.
  • According to the United States Congressional Research Service, a windfall is defined as an increase in income that is neither earned nor anticipated, and it does not result from any extra effort or expenses on the part of the entity.
  • These profits cannot be attributed to the company's intentional actions, such as an investment strategy or business expansion.
  • Governments typically impose a retroactive one-time tax, known as a windfall tax, on such profits, in addition to the regular tax rates.

The Reason for Implementing a Windfall Tax 

  • It is introduced to finance social welfare initiatives.
  • It serves as an additional source of income for the government.
  • It functions as a means for the central authority to reduce the nation's expanded trade deficit.