EX-MITRA SHAKTI (Syllabus: GS Paper 2 – IR)

News-CRUX-10     17th November 2023        

Context: The 9th edition of Joint Military exercise "Exercise MITRA SHAKTI-2023" recently commenced in Aundh (Pune), marking a significant collaboration between the participating nations.


  • About: It is a bilateral joint military exercise between the armies of India and Sri Lanka.
  • Objectives: The objective of the exercise is to jointly rehearse the conduct of Sub-Conventional Operations under Chapter VII of the United Nations Charter.
  • Scope: The scope of the exercise includes synergizing joint responses during counter-terrorist operations.
  • Aim: To jointly rehearse conduct of Sub Conventional operations under Chapter VII of United Nations Charter. The Scope of the exercise includes synergising joint responses during counter-terrorist operations.

Significance of the Excercise MITRA SHAKTI

  • The joint drills encompass a broad range of combat skills, fostering a mutual exchange of views and practices among participants.
  • Participants are poised to learn from each other, with the expectation that the sharing of best practices will elevate the level of defense cooperation between the Indian Army and the Sri Lankan Army.
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