VSHORADS (Syllabus: GS Paper 3 – Sci and Tech)

News-CRUX-10     2nd March 2024        

Context: The Defence Research and Development Organisation (DRDO) successfully conducted two flight tests of the Very Short-Range Air Defence System (VSHORADS) missile.

Very Short-Range Air Defence System (VSHORADS)

  • About: It is a man-portable air-defence system developed indigenously by Research Centre Imarat (RCI) in collaboration with other DRDO laboratories and Indian industry partners.
  • Technological Advancements: The missile features advanced technologies such as a miniaturised reaction control system (RCS) and integrated avionics, successfully demonstrated during tests.
  • Purpose and Design: VSHORADS is a fourth-generation Man Portable Air Defence System (MANPAD) specifically crafted to counter low-altitude aerial threats over short distances.

oThese systems are characterized by their short-range, lightweight, and portable nature, suitable for individual or small group operation.

  • Indigenous Development: DRDO's Research Centre Imarat (RCI), Hyderabad, spearheaded the indigenous design and development of VSHORADS, collaborating with other DRDO facilities and Indian industry partners.
  • Features:

oProtection and Defense: It is tailored to provide short-range air defense capabilities, safeguarding ground forces and critical assets from aerial threats, including helicopters and low-flying aircraft.

oOperational Range: The system boasts a range of up to 6 kilometers, effectively covering short distances to intercept incoming threats.

oTechnological Components: The missile integrates several cutting-edge technologies such as a Dual-band IIR Seeker, a miniaturized Reaction Control System, and integrated avionics.

oPropulsion and Mobility: Propelled by a dual-thrust solid motor, the missile and its launcher are designed for portability, facilitating quick deployment even in challenging terrains.