Exercise Samudra Laksamana (Syllabus: GS Paper 2 – IR)

News-CRUX-10     2nd March 2024        
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Context: Exercise Samudra Laksamana is underway from 28 Feb - 02 Mar 24 at/ off Visakhapatnam.

Exercise Samudra Laksamana

  • About: It is a joint naval exercise between the navies of India and Malaysia.
  • Aim: To strengthen bonds and enhance interoperability between the two forces.
  • Participant of India: Indian Naval Ship Kiltan
  • Participant of Malaysia: Royal Malaysian Ship KD Lekir.
  • Two Phase of Exercise:
  • During the harbour phase, professional interactions, official calls, social engagements, visits by the local populace, and various sports events will take place. 
  • The Sea Phase of the exercise aims to refine the skills of both navies to enhance interoperability, ensuring peaceful and secure seas for all.

INS Kiltan

  • About: It is a formidable anti-submarine warfare corvette serving the Indian Navy as part of Project 28, marking a significant advancement in naval capabilities.
  • Third Kamorta-class Corvette: Among the four Kamorta-class corvettes, INS Kiltan stands out as the third, showcasing India's prowess in naval construction and modernization efforts.
  • Localization Endeavors: With a remarkable feat of localization, INS Kiltan incorporates approximately 90% of its content sourced from within India, underlining the nation's drive towards self-sufficiency and indigenous defense production.