INDIAN SEMICONDUCTOR MISSION (Syllabus: GS Paper 3 – Sci and Tech)

News-CRUX-10     2nd March 2024        
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Context: Nearly two years after the government initially launched the 76,000crore incentive scheme aimed at fostering a domestic ecosystem for semiconductor manufacturing, the results are becoming evident.

Indian semiconductor Mission

  • About: ISM has been setup as an Independent Business Division within Digital India Corporation to formulate strategies for developing semiconductors and display manufacturing facilities.
  • Nodal Ministry: Ministry of Electronics & IT.
  • Objective:

oFormulate a comprehensive long-term strategy for developing sustainable semiconductors and display manufacturing facilities.

odeveloping trusted semiconductor supply chain, including raw material

ofacilitate indigenous Intellectual Property (IP).

oencourage, enable and incentivize Transfer of Technologies (ToT).

  • SemiconIndia Programme

oThe Union Cabinet had approved the comprehensive Semicon India programme with a financial outlay of INR 76,000 crore for the development of a sustainable semiconductor and display ecosystem in 2021.

oISM has been working as nodal agency for the Schemes approved under Semicon India Programme.


  • About: Semiconductors are materials with electrical conductivity between that of conductors and insulators. silicon (Si) and germanium (Ge).
  • Relation with temperature: Resistance decreases with increasing temperature and vice-versa.
  • Types:  Intrinsic semiconductors are pure semiconductors, while extrinsic are doped with impurities to enhance conductivity.
  • Reason for vast applications: The electrical conductivity of a semiconductor device can be controlled over a wide range.