PROJECT UDBHAV (Syllabus: GS Paper 2 – Government Schemes)

News-CRUX-10     23rd October 2023        

Context: Union Defence Minister of India unveiled ‘Project Udbhav’ during the inauguration of the Indian Military Heritage Festival.

Project Udbhav

  • About: It is a collaboration between the Indian Army and the United Service Institution of India (USI), a defence services think tank.
  • Initiative of: It is a visionary initiative by the Indian Army that seeks to integrate age-old wisdom with contemporary military pedagogy.
  • Meaning: Udbhav’, which translates to 'origin' or 'genesis', acknowledges the vintage scriptures and writings of our Nation, that span centuries in the past and contain profound knowledge that can benefit modern military strategies.
  • Objective: To synthesise ancient wisdom with contemporary military practices, forging a unique and holistic approach to address modern security challenges.
  • Ancient root: India’s ancient knowledge system, rooted in a 5000-year-old civilizational legacy, boasts a repository of intellectual texts and manuscripts.

o Project Udbhav, according to the Ministry of Defense (MoD), seeks to facilitate a profound understanding of these systems and their enduring relevance in the modern era.

o The initiative builds upon earlier research by the Army Training Command, resulting in the compilation of the 'Compendium of 75 Stratagems' based on ancient Indian scriptures.

  • Inspiration from: The project draws inspiration from revered texts like Chanakya's Arthashastra, which emphasizes the importance of strategic partnerships and diplomacy, aligning with contemporary practices.

o Similarly, Thirukkural, the classical Tamil text, champions ethical conduct in all endeavors, including warfare, aligning with modern codes of ethics and principles of the Geneva Convention.