CYCLONE TEJ (Syllabus: GS Paper 3 – Disaster Management)

News-CRUX-10     23rd October 2023        
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Context: Recently, the very severe cyclone Tej intensified into an extremely severe cyclone as it continued its north-westward movement, posing a significant threat to the Yemen coast near Al Ghaidah with wind speeds of 125-135 kmph, gusting to 150 kmph.

  • According toIndia Meteorological Department (IMD), the cyclonic storm that is brewing over the Arabian sea will cross over the Yemen-Oman coasts between Al Ghaidah (Yemen) and Salalah (Oman) around the early hours of October 25.

Cyclone Tej

  • About: Cyclone Tej, the initial post-monsoon cyclone of the 2023 Arabian Sea season, has been designated by India.
  • Origin: As a low-pressure system in the southeastern Arabian Sea, Cyclone Tej recently developed into a depression.
  • Presently, Cyclone Tej is tracking a west-northwest course towards the Maharashtra coastline, and it is anticipated to reach land near Mumbai within the coming days.
  • Cyclone Tej could bring about substantial rainfall and potent winds, leading to storm surges and coastal inundation.


  • A cyclone is a large, rotating storm system centered around an area of low pressure. Cyclones can develop in various ocean basins, but their prevalence is highest in tropical regions.
  • Cyclones can bring about a range of hazards, such as powerful winds, storm surges, and intense precipitation.

Types of Cyclones

  • Tropical Cyclones: These are the most frequently encountered type of cyclone, emerging above warm, tropical seas. They are recognized by their strong winds, substantial rainfall, and storm surges.
  • Extratropical Cyclones: These cyclones take shape over cooler waters and lack the intensity of tropical cyclones. They are characterized by strong winds, heavy rainfall, and even snowfall in some cases.
  • Midlatitude Cyclones: These cyclones form in the midlatitude regions and share characteristics with their extratropical counterparts, including robust winds, substantial rainfall, and the potential for snow.
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