LAKHPATI DIDI SCHEME (Syllabus: GS Paper 2 – Vulnerable Section)

News-CRUX-10     15th April 2024        

Context: The ruling party recently pledged to create 30 million 'Lakhpati Didis', a significant increase from the 10 million rural women who have already attained this status.

Subset of the Program

  • Drone Didi: Within this initiative, approximately 15,000 women SHGs will receive drones for agricultural activities. Drones hold the potential to transform agriculture by facilitating precision farming, crop monitoring, and pest control.
  • Skill training: Women enrolled in this program undergo training in various skills, including LED bulb manufacturing, plumbing, and others.

Lakhpati Didi Scheme

  • About: The announcement to promote women's engagement in micro-enterprises was made during the Independence Day speech.
  • Launched in: 2023
  • Nodal Ministry: Ministry of rural development
  • Objective: The government, through the Lakhpati Didi Initiative, aims to train two crore women, fostering the creation of micro-enterprises within their respective villages.
  • Sustainable Income Goals: To train women in self-help groups (SHGs), empowering them to generate a sustainable annual income of at least Rs 1 lakh per household.
  • Target: Train two crore women
  • Diverse Skill Development: Women under the scheme will receive training in various skills like plumbing, LED bulb making, drone operation and repair, tailoring, and weaving.
  • Transformative Rural Economy Vision: The Ministry of Rural Development is adopting a comprehensive, whole-of-government approach to bring about maximum impact and convergence, aiming to transform the rural economy by empowering 'Lakhpati Didis.'