DOXXING (Syllabus: GS Paper 3 – Cyber Security)

News-CRUX-10     15th April 2024        

Context: Recently, a woman in Mumbai filed a case of doxxing against a man with the police station, alleging that her video had been reposted without her permission.


  • Definition: Doxxing involves revealing intimate information about someone with the intent of harassment, often targeting individuals with opposing views or public figures.
  • Real-life Consequences: Doxxing can have severe real-life consequences, including sending armed police or SWAT teams to victims' homes.
  • Private Information: This information typically includes addresses, phone numbers, and financial details, posing a serious threat to personal safety and security.
  • Impact on Security: Doxxing attacks encompass physical, digital, and emotional security, necessitating various actions for protection.
  • Immediate Responses: Victims of doxxing must manage multiple tasks simultaneously, such as relocating, informing employers, securing finances, and seeking legal assistance.
  • Broader Implications: Doxxing can endanger not only the victim but also those in their proximity, potentially leading to eviction or termination.

Twitter's New Policy on Doxxing

  • Live Location Disclosure: Twitter's updated policy now explicitly prohibits the sharing of an individual's live location, recognizing it as a potential serious safety and security risk.
  • Evolution of Policy: The inclusion of live location disclosure marks a significant shift from the previous policy, highlighting Twitter's efforts to combat doxxing and protect its users.
  • According to the policy: Violation of these can result in the account getting locked and continued violations can result in a permanent suspension.