SUB CATEGORIZATION OF SCs Syllabus GS Paper 2 - Polity)

News-CRUX-10     25th November 2023        

Context: Recently, the Prime Minister of India initiated the establishment of a committee to examine the longstanding demand for sub-categorization within the Scheduled Castes, specifically focusing on the Madiga community.


  • Historical Struggle: The Madiga community initiated the quest for sub-categorization in 1994 through the Madiga Dandora movement.
  • Persistent Advocacy (MRPS): Over the years, the movement continued with the formation of the Madiga Reservation Porata Samiti (MRPS) to advocate for sub-categorization.
  • Commission Inquiries: In 1996, Justice P. Ramachandra Raju led a commission to examine the demands of sub-categorization put forth by the Madiga community.

Madiga Community

  • About: Madiga is a Telugu caste from southern India.
  • Majority: They mainly live in the states of Andhra Pradesh, Telangana and Karnataka, with a small minority in Tamil Nadu.
  • Occupation: Work of tannery, leatherwork and small handicrafts.
  • Population: The Madiga community constitutes at least 50% of the total Scheduled Castes in Telangana.

Sub-Categorisation of Scheduled Caste

  • Under-representation among SCs: States argue that certain Scheduled Castes (SCs) remain under-represented despite existing reservation policies.
  • Highlight in Reports: Many reports underline the inequality within the SCs, drawing attention to the need for addressing the disparities.
  • Special Quotas: To address the under-representation, special quotas have been framed and implemented in various states.
  • Initiatives in Specific States: Andhra Pradesh, Punjab, Tamil Nadu, and Bihar have introduced special quotas specifically targeting the most vulnerable Dalits.
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