SEBEX 2 (Syllabus: GS Paper 3 – Sci and Tech)

News-CRUX-10     3rd July 2024        
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Context: India has successfully developed and certified SEBEX 2, a new explosive that is 2.01 times more lethal than standard Trinitrotoluene (TNT).


  • About: SEBEX 2 ranks among the world's most potent non-nuclear explosives developed by economic Explosives Limited (EEL) under the Make in India initiative
  • High-Melting Explosive (HMX) Composition: It utilizes a high-melting explosive (HMX) composition. This formulation significantly enhances the lethality of warheads, aerial bombs, artillery shells, and other munitions.
  • Enhanced Lethality: Enhances the lethality of various munitions including warheads, bombs, and shells.
  • 2.01 Times More Deadly Than TNT: SEBEX 2 demonstrates 2.01 times more lethality compared to standard TNT.
  • Comparison with Indian Standards: Significantly surpasses the conventional explosives used in India, like in the Brahmos warhead.
  • Global Comparison: Outperforms most conventional warheads globally in terms of TNT equivalence.
  • Certified by: Evaluated, tested, and certified under the Defence Export Promotion Scheme by the Indian Navy.
  • Complementary Technologies:

oSITBEX 1: Certified thermobaric explosive known for extended blast duration and intense heat, effective against bunkers and fortified positions.

oSIMEX 4: Certified insensitive munition ensuring safety in storage, transport, and operation.

  • Global Significance and Export Potential:

oSEBEX 2, SITBEX 1, and SIMEX 4 signify significant strides in India's military technology, enhancing defense capabilities and fostering global collaborations.

oSEBEX 2, a cutting-edge explosive technology, strengthens India's defense infrastructure, promising enhanced security and strategic advantages.

oIndia's innovations in military explosives, exemplified by SEBEX 2, position the nation as a potential exporter of advanced defense technologies, contributing to global security solutions.

Trinitrotoluene (TNT)

  • About: It is an explosive organic compound. 
  • Physical Features: It is a yellow, crystalline solid that is stable under normal storage conditions, but can be initiated by heat, shock, or friction. 
  • Uses: TNT is used in a variety of applications, including military, industrial, and construction.
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