MIRAGE 2000 (Syllabus: GS Paper 3 – Sci and Tech)

News-CRUX-10     25th June 2024        

Context: India is in talks to purchase 12 used Mirage-2000 fighter jets from Qatar, aiming to bolster its combat capabilities as it phases out aging MiG fighters.

Mirage 2000

  • About: It is a fourth-generation, multirole fighter aircraft, and has played a significant role in the Indian Air Force (IAF) for several decades.
  • Design: It was originally designed by the French company, Dassault Aviation.
  • Indian Acquisition: India acquired around 51 Mirage 2000s in different batches, forming three squadrons based at the Gwalior Air Force Station.
  • Key Features

oVersatility: The Mirage 2000 is a versatile platform capable of air-to-air combat, ground attack, reconnaissance, and nuclear strike missions.

oSpeed: 2,336 km/h

oPrecision Strikes: During the Kargil conflict, Mirage 2000s successfully hit enemy camps at high altitudes using laser-guided bombs.

oAirstrikes: It played a crucial role in the Kargil war 1999 and 2019 Balakot airstrikes, demonstrating its combat effectiveness.

üThe ongoing upgrade program aims to enhance their capabilities, ensuring their relevance till 2035.

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