LUMPY SKIN DISEASE Syllabus GS Paper 3 - Sci & tech)

News-CRUX-10     20th December 2023        

Context:. Questioning the Union Animal Husbandry Ministry’s data that more than two lakh cattle and buffaloes had died by lumpy skin disease in 2022 and 2023.

lumpy skin disease

  • About Lumpy skin disease is a viral disease that affects cattle. It is genetically related to the goatpox and sheeppox virus family.
  • Transmitted by blood-feeding insects, such as certain species. of flies and mosquitoes, or ticks.
  • Causes: fever, nodules on the skin and can also lead to death, especially in animals that that have not previously been exposed to the virus.
  • Symptoms:

o The incubation period for lumpy skin disease is between  14 day post-infection.

o After an initial period of high fever (41°C) and swollen lymph glands, the animal may develop large, firm nodules that are up to 5 cm in diameter in the skin.

o These can be found all over the body, but particularly on the: head.

  • Guidelines for prevention of Lumpy Skin Disease:

o Preventive measures: Control of animal movement, Restriction with affected animals and persons dealing with such animals, Vaccination.

o Bio-security measures: Disinfection of premises at regular intervals, Immediate isolation of sick animal from the healthy animals.