LIBYA (Syllabus: GS Paper 1 – Geography)

News-CRUX-10     18th December 2023        
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Context: Recently, a tragic incident unfolded as a boat, carrying dozens of migrants attempting to reach Europe, capsized off the coast of Libya, resulting in the loss of over 60 lives, including women and children, according to the UN migration agency.


  • About: Libya, a predominantly desert nation with significant oil reserves, gained independence in 1951.
  • Capital: Tripoli
  • Geography: Libya, situated in North Africa, primarily consists of the vast Sahara desert. 
  • Population: The majority of its population resides along the coastal areas, where key cities like Tripoli and Benghazi are located.
  • Boundaries: It is a country in the Maghreb region in North Africa

oNorth: Bordered by the Mediterranean Sea.

oEast: Shares a border with Egypt.

oSouth: Shares boundaries with Niger and Chad.

oWest: Bordered by Tunisia and Algeria.

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