JANMAN SURVEY (Syllabus: GS Paper 2 – Govt Scheme)

News-CRUX-10     2nd January 2024        

Context: Prime Minister of India has urged the citizens to take JANMAN Survey on the NaMo app and share their views on the progress achieved by India in the last ten years.


  • Aim: To tap into the minds of the citizens ahead of 2024 elections.
  • Available on: Digital Platform NaMo app.
  • Survey Presents: A set of easy-to-answer questions to citizens, collecting their diverse opinions on various aspects of governance and leadership.


  • Launch: On Janjatiya Gaurav Diwas, commemorating the birth anniversary of Birsa Munda, in the state of Jharkhand.
  • Objective: To provide essential amenities such as road and telecom connectivity, electricity, secure housing, clean drinking water, sanitation, as well as improved access to education, health, nutrition, and sustainable livelihood opportunities.
  • Coordinating Role: Implementation of the scheme will involve the collaboration of nine ministries, with the Ministry of Tribal Affairs playing a pivotal role in overseeing the process.