E-SEVA KENDRA (Syllabus: GS Paper 2 – Govt Schemes)

News-CRUX-10     16th December 2023        
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Context: Recently, under the eCourts Mission Mode Project Phase II, eSewa Kendras have been established in High Courts and District Courts across the country.

oA total of 875 eSewa Kendras have been established for District Courts nationwide,

e-Seva Kendra

  • About: e-Seva Kendras have been established in High Courts and one District Court in each State on a trial basis.
  • Designed to: These Kendras are designed to function as a single-point destination for providing legal help and support to regular people involved in lawsuits and to lawyers.
  • Objectives: They allow individuals to get updates on the status of their cases and acquire official copies of court decisions and directives.

oThese centers also offer guidance for electronically submitting legal cases.

  • These Kendras mark an important advancement in ensuring that everyday people have the ability to access the legal system and their right to justice.

India’s first e-Resource Center

  • This is the first e-resource center of its kind in India.
  • It's designed to make filing cases electronically in the Supreme Court, High Courts, and District Courts all over India easier.
  • The goal is to reduce inequalities by linking to the Supreme Court, High Courts, and Taluka Courts.
  • It's expected to save time, effort, and money by eliminating the need to travel long distances or expend energy.
  • India's primary e-Resource Center, called "Nyay Kaushal," took place in Nagpur, Maharashtra.