'Amrit Rakshaks' of the 'Amritkaal':
  • Meaning: This keyword signifies the importance of individuals, groups, professionals, or society at large who are playing their important role towards India’s growth and to make this ‘Amrit Kaal’ as to transform India into a developed nation.
  • Usage: It can be used in questions related to: Youth, Human resources, Women, Business community, Old age people and other vulnerable sections, Scientific community, etc.
Just, Affordable, and Inclusive (JAI) Energy Transition Pathways: 
  • Meaning: It refer to strategies and approaches that ensure fairness, accessibility, and affordability for all stakeholders during the shift from fossil fuel-based energy systems to cleaner and more sustainable alternatives.
  • Usage: It can be used in questions related to - Energy transition from fossil fuel to green and renewable energy, climate change and environment sustainability, bio-fuels, green hydrogen, SDGs, etc.
RAISE in Industry (Responsibility, Acceleration, Innovation & Inclusiveness, Sustainability and Equality):
  • Meaning: This keyword/framework appears to advocate for a more holistic and responsible approach to business operations, aligning with broader goals of corporate social responsibility (CSR) and sustainable development.
  • Usage: It can be used in questions related to – Economic reforms, Industry and manufacturing, Make in India, Corporate social responsibility (CSR), India as a developed economy by 2047 etc.
Connected world for shared social platforms, shared purpose, shared planet, shared prosperity and shared future (4Ps+F): 
  • Meaning: This keyword describes a vision of global interconnectedness and collaboration with the aim of addressing various challenges and achieving common goals.
  • Usage: It can be used in questions related to - Migration and refugees, climate change and disaster management, sustainable development, environmental degradation, Inclusive growth etc.


Step to decongest jails and reduce government expenditure:
  • Case: Odisha.
  • Step taken: Odisha is on track to become the first state to employ GPS-enabled tracking devices for undertrial prisoners facing non-heinous charges. 
  • It is a move that aims to alleviate prison congestion by allowing house arrest for undertrials and potentially reducing government’s expenditure on jail inmates.
Step against drug trafficking:
  • Case: New Delhi.
  • Step taken: Operation Kawach - To creating a safe and drug-free environment in the national capital.
  • Ingenious methods of smuggling drugs: Traffickers are using cars with women and children as decoys to push the contraband into the national capital, Delhi.


India’s exports to global market:
  • India’s goods exports increased almost 50 times from 1985 to 2022. In comparison, China’s goods exports increased 131 times from 1985 to 2022.
  • Industrial sector between 2014-15 and 2022-23:
  • The value of its output has increased 300%;
  • Exports of electronic goods have jumped nearly 400%.
  • Production value of mobile phones has increased from higher by about 1,700%;
  • Exports of mobile phones have risen by an unbelievable 6,000%.
  • More than 1 lakh direct and 2 lakh indirect jobs have been generated since the launch of the PLI scheme and of these 70% are women employees.
G20 member’s commitment towards clean energy:
  • Commitment to shift towards clean energy: Renewable energy sources provided 29% of their energy mix in 2021, an increase from 19% in 2010.
  • Role in advancing global low carbon steel production: The G20 countries represent 90% of global steel production and 80% of consumption.
  • Role of India: India is the world’s third largest producer of renewable energy.
  • India is setting targets to continue the expansion of installed renewables to account for 50% of energy production by 2030.


Prime Minister’s Speech:
  • On Youth: You are the protectors of the people and also the 'Amrit Rakshaks' of the 'Amritkaal’. You play a significant role in ensuring the development of the country. 
  • On Economic growth: For any economy to move forward, it is necessary for every sector of the country to develop. From the food sector to pharma, from space to startups, when every sector moves forward, the economy will also move forward.


PFRDA on need of expansion of NPS scheme: 
  • PFRDA on need of expansion of NPS scheme:
  • Pension Fund Regulatory and Development Authority (PFRDA) has suggested for:
  • There is a requirement for intermediaries to promote the National Pension Scheme as it is not inherently favoured by younger individuals.
  • Survey data suggests that even those financially capable of subscribing to the NPS are still not adequately covered. For instance, the inclusion of women is insufficient. 
  • Similarly, the adoption of NPS among professionals, small businesses, and the self-employed is comparatively low.


Financial Inclusion :  
  • Definition: According to World bank, financial inclusion means that individuals and businesses have access to useful and affordable financial products and services that meet their needs delivered in a responsible and sustainable way.
PM Gati Shakti:
  • Definition: Prime Minister Gati Shakti, also known as National Master Plan for Multi-modal Connectivity is a digital platform to bring 16 Ministries together for integrated planning and coordinated implementation of infrastructure connectivity projects. 
  • As per the Government of India, The Gati Shakti scheme is based on six pillars: comprehensiveness, prioritization, optimization, synchronization, analytical, and dynamics.”


Quote on Decision making: Be sure you put your feet in the right place, then stand firm”. –  Abraham Lincoln
  • Meaning: The quote means that before taking a stance or making a decision, one should carefully consider their options and choose the most appropriate course of action. Once that decision is made, it is important to stand firm and be confident in that choice, regardless of any challenges or opposition that may arise.
Quote on Science and its impact on Society: “The core of science fiction – its essence – has become crucial to our salvation”. - ISAAC ASIMOV
  • Meaning: The quote emphasizes the idea that science fiction, as a genre, holds a significant role in addressing and exploring important societal and technological issues that have the potential to impact our future.
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