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Quality Enrichment Program(Q.E.P) 2024 - The Advanced General Studies program

Loved by 1000+ IAS Toppers

Components of QEP

35 Thematic classes with MK Yadav sir and team to cover Full Syllabus (GS 1 + GS 2 + GS 3+ GS 4 + Essay paper)

QEP Kit and Thematic Inter-disciplinary Revision cards (Scroll down for more details)

3 Tier case studies implementation & Keywords dictionary

Rigorous Answer writing with 1 to 1 Mentorship + Answer deficiency spotting

400+ Previous year questions Answer writing to upgrade your Thematic preparation

Compulsory Weekly Test series for 3 Months

(Test after each session)

Free Books delivered to your door step -Thematic Micro Diagrams Book

Peer learning with MK Yadav sir and Topper Answer Teardown sessions on Zoom (Every 15 days)

Includes IAS Prelims Enrichment of all subjects

(Worth Rs 5,000/- and will be launched in December 2023)

How Dr.Shivin used QEP to crack CSE 2022?

Combined PYQ with QEP Themes

He thematically used the Previous Year Questions and QEP knowledge to write high quality answers

Smart usage of Keywords

He focused on QEP Keyword dictionary and used keywords across multiple papers to make his answers look "Inter-disciplinary"

Usage of Graphs and charts for GS Paper 3

From our QEP Notes, he used all the graphs and charts to better present his answers and also represent concepts effectively.

Case studies and Examples to build Hypothesis

He thematically collected the 3 tiercase studies from our QEP Notes, and used it across all GS Papers and essay paper.


Gaurav Budania (Rank 13) cracked IAS at the age of 21

✅Gaurav used the "DEEP ANALYSIS" points from the Notes to improve Answer Quality.

✅He implemented RAPID PROCESS IMPLEMENTATION to draw Micro-diagrams and create Micro-angles faster that others.

✅He regularly wrote answers & learned the ART OF IMPLEMENTING 3 TIER CASE STUDY from MK Yadav sir.

QEP has 35 Power packed Classes

MK sir will give you the blue print and High quality GS Content (Themewise)

Generate Unlimited dimensions

With QEP deep analysis points, you can write holistic and comprehensive answers

Pricing That Fits Best!

We have QEP Lite and QEP Premium plan that can fit everyone's pocket


QEP Lite

Rs 20,000/-

Rs 18,000/- Only

Use code EARLYBIRD25 on checkout

35 Themes ( With Video lectures and Thematic Strategy by MK Yadav sir)

Free Ethics and Essay power sessions

35 Hardcopy QEP Theme notes delivered to your doorstep

Free -  4 Full  length tests with Evaluation

1 to 1 Mentoring with MK Yadav sir for filling up Answer structural gap

Keywords dictionary & 3 tier Compilation along with Thematic Answers written by toppers in all 35 modules


QEP Premium

Rs 28,000/-

Rs 25,000/- Only

Use code EARLYBIRD25 on checkout

35 Themes ( With Video lectures and Thematic Strategy by MK Yadav sir)

Free Ethics and Essay power sessions

35 Hardcopy QEP Theme notes delivered to your doorstep

Weekly tests for 3 Months, on alternate days of every week, after each session +  4 Full  length tests with Evaluation

400+ Previous year question and answer discussion pack by MK Yadav sir & Team

Free Most repeated themes with micro diagram book delivered to your doorstep

Live community session on ZOOM with MK Yadav sir (Every 15 days) - Answer sheet teardown/Toppers answers analysis

Includes Prelims Crash course worth Rs 5,000/- (To be launched in December 2023)

1 to 1 Mentoring with MK Yadav sir for filling up Answer structural gap

Keywords dictionary & 3 tier Compilation along with Thematic Answers written by toppers in all 35 modules

How Simi Karan cracked IAS in her First attempt?

Simi cracked IAS at the age of 22 years

✅She used QEP and INA for her mains preparation.

✅She used the high quality content to create thematic revision notes.

✅She took mentorship of QEP very seriously and discussed her answers with MK Yadav sir, on a regular basis.

She improved her Answer writing presentation

Visually rich points gave her an edge in the exam. She scored 450+ in GS.

✅In papers like GS 3 and Essay, you can create a Visual impact if you learn the art of drawing Micro-diagrams.

✅Quick diagram techniques helped Simi present better content with limited knowledge.

Included Facts and Figures for Value Addition

✅Facts and Figures are the heart and soul of the Mains exam to prove your point.

✅She used the exact framework of implementing facts and figures which was taught by MK Yadav sir.

Why Keywords are Important?

Keywords shows the conceptual maturity to the examiner and helps you stand out from the competition

Get a Keyword dictionary with 1000+ Keywords of the entire syllabus.

Keywords compiled from  more than 5 newspapers to give a contemporary feel to the answers.

Learn the strategies of Clustering keywords from MK Yadav sir for quick re-calling during exam

Why creating the Micro-diagrams are Mandatory?

Micro-diagrams help you to save time and attracts attention of the examiner that helps you to do more with less as well as get more marks.

Get 2D to 8D Micro-diagrams in the QEP Notes and save your time from all hassles.

Learn Strategies to draw Micro diagram for any topic after attending QEP Course.

Micro-diagrams help you represent the entire Critical analysis in half a page.

Why 3-Tier Case study is a game changer for CSE Mains?

Local, National and International case study helps in Proving the point to the examiner. In QEP Notes, you will find 100+ Case studies which are ready made and ready to use.

Local and Global case studies help you showcase that you have Practical knowledge.

Case studies help in enhancing score for Essay too since it gives Contemporary perspective.

Case studies bring Real life scenarios into action and boost your marks in GS Mains exam

Why SC Judgements, Pre-made conclusions are important?

Supreme court landmark judgements play a key role in answers to show that you are conceptually strong in administration. It is paramount to score 450+ marks in CSE Mains.

Studying the landmark judgements in crisp and reproduceable format helps in faster revision.

Judgements show your decision making ability and choosing a stance which is an important criteria for a bureaucrat. 

Having readymade thematic conclusions help in saving time and maximizing your marks.

How Ritika Jindal IAS used QEP to crack IAS Exam?


Attended QEP Classes

She joined the QEP Classes and used QEP content methodology to cover syllabus faster.


Rigorous answer writing practise

After preparation of content, she wrote multiple answers and got the answers verified from MK Yadav sir's personal mentorship.

You just need ONE ENRICHED ATTEMPT to become an IAS Officer

Listen to our QEP Students !!

Simi Karan IAS

AIR 70, First Attempt -IAS

Aakriti Sethi IAS

AIR 249

Nupur Goel

AIR 11

What Other Toppers think about QEP

Dr Mudra Gairola


AIR - 165 in UPSC CSE - 2021

I was also a student of QEP which helped me in clearing my concept would highly recommend theIAShub's new Course. I am grateful to MK Yadav Sir and theIAShub for guiding me during interview. the mock sessions, one-on-one Session and DAF based questions were on point and relevant. Sir uplifted my spirits by showing faith in me that i would get a rank this year.

Vishal Dinanath Khatri (AIR 236, UPSC CSE 2021)


Wonderful coverage of GS Paper 3

I am currently in the Indian Forest Service. I secured AIR 5 in IFoS, 2019. In this year (2021) I has secured AIR 236. I joined the Quality Enrichment Program (QEP) & Intensive News Analysis (INA) program at theIAShub under the guidance of MK Yadav Sir. Both the programs helped me in GS Papers and Essay. I also received guidance from MK Yadav Sir with respect to Interview Preparation and the one-on-one session were extremely helpful in fine tuning my answers & providing the overall guidance to my preparation. Both these programs and the guidance of MK Yadav Sir would be extremely helpful for any serious aspirants to fine tune his GS Preparation & Score maximum marks possible in GS. Thank you so much!

Namrata Choubey, AIR-73, CSE 2021


QEP is the best GS Crash course for IAS/UPSC

I was part of QEP 2021, INA 2021, GS test series 2021 and IMP 2021 at theIAShub. The QEP and INA classes helped me immensely during my mains preparation. The QEP program helped to consolidate the core concepts in GS and improve answer writing skills. It provided content and ways for value addition and provided on edge in GS answers. The guidance and support provided by MK Sir and his team was valuable in my UPSC journey. I am grateful for their support. I strongly recommend mains QEP, INA, GS test series and IMP to all the aspirants.

Jaspinder Singh AIR 33, UPSC CSE 2021


This program has the best strategy for general studies

I would want to thank you theIAShub & MK Yadav Sir for the guidance I got through them for Civil Services Examination especially through their Quality Enrichment Program and through their Interview Mentorship Program. Quality Enrichment Program helped me with keywords through which I could enhance the quality of my answers. Also, I would want to thank them for the material I got from them for my Interview Mentorship Program. I got the comprehensive notes for all the GS paper 1,2 & 3. I also got the feedback on the improvements where I wanted during the mock interview at theIAShub. So, it was a great experience. Thank you so much MK Sir and thank you theIAShub.

Aakrti Sethi AIR -249

(UPSC-CSE 2022)


This is the Best Mains answer writing course

I have no words to express my gratitude to theIAShub team and especially MK Yadav Sir. He was a mentor, a friend and like an elder brother to me since 2019.

In 2019, when I met MK Sir through their INA and QEP program, he supported me during every ups and downs.

If I have cleared mains in one go, that is because I could write better answers through MK Yadav Sir’s guidance Thank You for being a support pillar.

There is no teacher like your in this industry and I am blessed to have you.

Thank you so much

Vaibhav Rawat AIR 163, UPSC CSE 2021


This is one of the Best essay Course and Best General study crash course for CSE Mains exam

I have been a part of Quality Enrichment Program (QEP) of theIAShub and it proved to be very useful especially for GS 2 & GS 3. I have also joined Interview Mentorship Program, in which they provide Current Affairs handouts from various subjects from Interview Point of View and it was very beneficial. They also provided DAF Analysis which proved to be very useful to prepare my DAF. So, I would like to thank you theIAShub and MK Yadav Sir for their support.

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