PSIR Optional

theIAShub offers a new paradigm in how the P.S.I.R. optional Foundation should be approached. How students can avoid mistakes during optional preparation & approach P.S.I.R. optional more effectively.

PSIR, or Political Science and International Relations, offers a comprehensive understanding of political systems, governance, international relations, global issues and ethical issues. It is a valuable subject for those who are aspiring to excel in civil services and contribute to the governance and international affairs of their country.

  Time bounded comprehensive coverage of P.S.I.R. optional syllabus with integration of current affairs.

  Focus on conceptual clarity.

  Emphasis on inter-linking PSIR with General Studies (GS) papers.

  Detailed discussions on previous year's questions and expected questions.

  Guided mentorship on basis of performance in regular class tests.

  Special emphasis on teaching, answer writing techniques & summary making.

  Particular emphasis on inclusion of Political Theories, ideologies, case studies, flowcharts etc. in content taught in the class.

  Full Syllabus coverage with integration of current affairs.

  Available in both offline & online mode.

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Frequently Asked Questions

45-50 students

Payment can be made via - Cash ; Online- Instamojo, NEFT ; Card Payment ; Cheque ; UPI Offline/Online Receipt will be given/generated for each transaction done.

Yes, but only within 15 days of admission and genuine cases. No Refund after 15 days. 10% of course fee to be deducted as Admin charges, while making a refund.

Switching mode of class (Between Online & Offline) is allowed only within 15 days of Admission & is Chargeable i.e. Charges equivalent to Admin fee (?1000) plus any Discount extended on total fee, is applicable. After 15 days, in ADDITION to the above charges, ?5000 will be levied as Streaming cost of the videos, in case of switching mode from Offline to Online. All such requests for switching mode of class access should be processed within a week(6-7 days).

Till mains exam.

There is no limitation on viewing single video, rather on the whole course. Students can watch the whole course 2.5 times the stipulated time - period of the course.

Five months course.