Daily Headlines
    Why to follow Rainbow Editorial Series?

    The scarcity of time ties most of the aspirants to just one newspaper, which has its own fallouts. Firstly, you keep on ensuring the same standpoint by similar scholars, thereby unconsciously developing a unidirectional outlook. Secondly, the different newspaper has its area of niche as a professional organization. Some newspapers have command over social issues, Polity, Governance, International affairs, while others over Economy, Environment, Technology. Thirdly, even if you manage to read more than one newspaper, it is humanly not possible to make notes out of all of them for the exam. Since the topics in UPSC CSE  are intervened and the duration of exam stretches almost a year,  one must have an in-depth understanding of the topic from a different perspective along with proper notes/key points for later revisions

    How to utilize this?

    Our team will go through all UPSC CSE related articles from 7 english national daily newspapers to come up daily with 7 shades of opinion, views, and perspectives from different editors, scholars, policymakers, and writers. We will post the most important headlines of the day, summary of relevant articles, along with a list of Keywords. This includes understanding the relevance of the news/editorial for different papers in CSE, identifying important keywords, grasping related definitions etc.

    Following our RAINBOW series initiative regularly, will enable you to broaden your horizon by understanding numerous issues beyond the myopic view provided by just one newspaper. With time, you will develop a quality content in the form of notes, the use of which will aid in your Prelims revisions, Mains answer writing and articulation of thoughts in Personality Test.