WISE-SCOPE FELLOWSHIP (Syllabus: GS Paper 3 – Sci & Tech)

News-CRUX-10     2nd September 2023        
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Context: Societal challenges refer to problems and issues that affect societies on a large scale, often spanning across multiple domains such as environment, technology, health, energy, waste, water, management, agriculture, economics, and more.

WISE-SCOPE Fellowship

  • Stands for: The Women In Science and Engineering (WISE)-Societal Challenges with Opportunities (SCOPE) Fellowship Program 
  • Aim: To provide opportunities to Women Scientists and Technologists who have completed PhD and want to utilize their S&T knowledge and expertise for the benefit of society.
  • This program promotes projects that directly deal with challenges at grassroots level and address them through S&T interventions.  
  • Projects under WISE-SCOPE should provide S&T solutions to our social problems, livelihood generation, drudgery reduction, health and nutrition-related issues, management of natural resources, sustainable agriculture, climate change, disaster management etc.

Thematic Areas:

  • Energy, Water and Waste Management (EWWM)
  • Engineering and Technology Development (ETD)
  • Environment, Climate and Sustainable Development (ECSD)
  • Agriculture and Allied Sciences (AAS)
  • Health, Food and Nutrition (HFN)

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