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Context: Recently, India contributed $5,00,000 to the UN Counter-Terrorism Trust Fund, reaffirming its unwavering commitment to the global fight against terrorism.

United Nations Counter-Terrorism Trust Fund

  • Establishment: 2009 by the Secretary-General.

o Transferred to the UN Office of Counter-Terrorism (UNOCT) in 2017.

  • Objectives: To enhance the capacities of member states in eastern and southern Africa to combat issues related to the financing of terrorism and to prevent the movement and travel of terrorists.
  • India's Contribution Focus: Primarily support UNOCT's global programs, notably the Countering Financing of Terrorism (CFT) and Countering Terrorist Travel Programme (CTTP).
  • Comprehensive Convention on International Terrorism: It is a prospective treaty designed to outlaw all types of international terrorism and prevent terrorists, their backers, and financiers from obtaining funds, weapons, and safe locations.

UN Office of Counter-Terrorism

  • Establishment: 15 June 2017 through the adoption of UN General Assembly Resolution.
  • Functions: The five primary functions of UNOCT are as follows:

o Lead the implementation of counter-terrorism mandates from the General Assembly across the UN system, under the Secretary-General's authority.

o Enhance coordination and coherence among entities of the Global Counter-Terrorism Coordination Compact to ensure balanced execution of the four pillars of the UN Global Counter-Terrorism Strategy.

o Enhance the provision of UN counter-terrorism capacity-building aid to Member States.

o Enhance visibility, advocacy, and resource mobilization for UN counter-terrorism endeavors.

o Ensure that counterterrorism is prioritized throughout the UN system and that efforts to prevent violent extremism are firmly grounded in the Strategy.

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