PROJECT DEVIKA (Syllabus: GS Paper 3 - Infrastructure)

News-CRUX-10     7th August 2023        
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Context: Union Minister of State Science & Technology said North India's first River Rejuvenation Project Devika is nearing completion. 

Key Points

  • Built at a cost of over Rs 190 crore on the lines of ‘Namami Ganga’, the Project was launched by the Prime Minister. 
  • This while reviewing Liquid Waste Management Project undertaken separately to protect the sanctity of holy Devika River in Udhampur, J&K.
  • Devika which is considered as the sister of sacred river Ganga, has a great religious significance which is why the Liquid Waste Management Project with the network of pipes and manholes connecting all the households under Devika Rejuvenation Project is being constructed by Urban Environmental Engineering Department (UEED) to protect the sanctity of it. 
  • Out of the 190 crore funds allocated for the project, the sharing of allocation is in the ratio of 90:10 by the Centre and UT respectively.

About River Devika

  • Also known as Devika Nagari, the river originates from the hilly Suddha Mahadev temple in Udhampur and flows down towards western Punjab (now in Pakistan), where it merges with the Ravi river.
  • The Devika River holds religious significance as it is revered by Hindus as the sister of the Ganga.