News-CRUX-10     22nd June 2024        
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Context: Following the 2024 Lok Sabha and State Assembly elections, 11 candidates have requested verification of the burnt memory of EVM Ballot Units, Control Units, and VVPAT units for transparency and assurance.

Process for the Verification of EVM/VVPATs

  • Responsibility of District Election Officer: The DEO is tasked with overseeing the entire verification process as outlined in the SOP.
  • Request for Verification: Candidates ranked second and third in an election can request verification of up to 5% of EVMs and VVPATs per constituency. If both request, each can verify 2.5%.

oEVMs facilitate candidate selection through button presses.

oWhen a vote is cast, the VVPAT machine, attached to the Electronic Voting Machine (EVM), prints a slip displaying the voter's choice.

  • Selection of Units for Verification: Candidates can specify units for verification by providing either polling station numbers or unique serial numbers of EVMs and VVPATs.
  • Notification and Processing: DEOs compile all applications and forward them to the state Chief Electoral Officer, who notifies the manufacturers within 30 days post-results declaration.
  • Timeline for Verification: It begins after the 45-day Election Petition period, unless a court order mandates otherwise, likely starting in mid-August for the current cycle.

Supreme Court Order on EVMs

  • Upholding EVM-VVPAT System: The Supreme Court upheld the use of the EVM-VVPAT system for elections, rejecting the plea to revert to ballot papers.
  • Verification of Burnt Memories: The court directed the Election Commission to allow candidates who secured second or third place to request verification of burnt memories of EVMs and VVPATs from up to 5% of machines per constituency.
  • Process of Verification: Candidates or their representatives must identify specific EVMs for verification by polling station or serial number. They have the right to be present during the verification process.
  • Cost of Verification: The Election Commission will notify the expenses for verification, which candidates requesting the process must bear. If tampering is found, these expenses will be refunded.
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