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Context: Japanese architect Riken Yamamoto was recently declared the winner of the 2024 Pritzker Architecture Prize, often dubbed the "Architecture Nobel," the highest international honor in the field.

The Nobel of Architecture

  • About: Instituted by Jay A Pritzker, founder of Hyatt Hotels chain, and his wife Cindy.
  • Aim: To honor a living architect whose work embodies talent, vision, and commitment to humanity and the built environment.
  • Components of the Award: Prize includes $100,000, a citation, and a bronze medallion based on designs by Louis Sullivan.
  • Medallion features Sullivan's principles: firmness, commodity, and delight, echoing Vitruvius's ideals for well-built structures.
  • Selection Process and Nomination: Nominees exceed 500 on average and are selected by experts, including past laureates, academics, and professionals.

oJury members conduct site visits to evaluate the projects.

  • Award Ceremony and Timing: The prize is awarded annually in May.

oThe ceremony is modeled after the Nobel Prizes, honoring the recipient for their architectural achievements.

The Pritzker and Japan

  • Japanese Dominance in Pritzker Prizes: Architects from Japan have secured the highest number of Pritzker Prizes, reflecting their significant contributions to the field of architecture.
  • Indian Representation: The late Balkrishna Doshi remains the sole Indian laureate of the Pritzker Prize, underscoring the need for greater recognition of architectural talent from India on the global stage.