PRITHVI SCHEME (Syllabus: GS Paper 3 – Science and tech)

News-CRUX-10     8th February 2024        

Context:  In an effort to bolster the understanding of Earth's complex systems and to provide essential services for the nation, the Union Cabinet, on 5th January 2024, approved the comprehensive "PRITHvi VIgyan (PRITHVI)" scheme.

PRITHvi VIgyan (PRITHVI)" scheme:

  • Approval In: January 2024.
  • Objective: Holistically addresses all components of the Earth system - atmosphere, hydrosphere, geosphere, cryosphere, and biosphere.
  • Purpose: To improve understanding of Earth System Sciences and provide reliable services for the country.
  • Implementing Ministry: Ministry of Earth Sciences.
  • Duration: 2021-2026.
  • Total Cost: Rs. 4797 crores.
  • Sub-schemes under PRITHVI:

oAtmosphere & Climate Research-Modelling Observing Systems & Services (ACROSS): Focused on studying atmospheric dynamics, climate modeling, and enhancing observational systems to better understand weather patterns and climate change.

oOcean Services, Modelling Application, Resources and Technology (O-SMART): Dedicated to oceanic research.

oPolar Science and Cryosphere Research (PACER):Centered on polar regions and cryosphere.

oSeismology and Geosciences (SAGE):On seismic activity and geosciences, aiming to enhance earthquake monitoring, geological mapping, and disaster preparedness measures.

oResearch, Education, Training and Outreach (REACHOUT): To foster research, education, and outreach activities.