NATIONAL MISSION ON LIBRARIES (Syllabus: GS Paper 1 - Art & Culture)

News-CRUX-10     1st August 2023        
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Context: Ministry of Culture through its National Mission on Libraries (NML) scheme provides financial assistance to state central library and district library in each State and Union Territory.

Key Points

  • The National Mission on Libraries India, an initiative of the Ministry of Culture under the Government of India, works to modernise and digitally link nearly 9,000 libraries across India to provide readers access to books and information. 
  • The National Knowledge Commission gave 10 recommendation on libraries in its 2011 report. Based on these recommendations Government of India started the National Mission on Libraries under the Indian Ministry of Culture.
  • Mission has four working groups for its main advisory function. These are:
    • Upgrade of existing public libraries, college libraries, school libraries, and shifting the use of school libraries as community libraries.
    • Library and Information Science education, training and research facilities.
    • Setting up the National Virtual Library, networking and ICT applications in libraries.
    • National Census of Libraries, Content Creation and Community Information Centers.
  • For development of Library Sector in the country, Ministry of Culture through its National Mission on Libraries (NML) Scheme, under ‘Setting up of NML Model Library’ component, provides financial assistance to 1 State Central Library and 1 District Library in each State and Union Territory, as per the recommendation of the State Authority concerned, and 6 libraries identified by Ministry of Culture, for modernization and infrastructure development.
  • Besides, Raja Rammohun Roy Library Foundation (RRRLF), an Autonomous Body under Ministry of Culture, through its matching and non-matching schemes provides financial assistance to public Libraries for various purposes e.g. construction / renovation of library buildings, up-gradation of infrastructure with furniture and equipment, modernization, procurement of books and reading resources, organization of seminar, training and capacity building of library professionals, workshop, outreach programmes, establishment of children corner, opening of various sections, creating facilities for specially-abled, brail corner etc.
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