NATIONAL BIRDS DAY (Syllabus: GS Paper 3 – Env and Eco)

News-CRUX-10     6th January 2024        
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Context: Over a million migratory birds belonging to over 180 species were counted in Odisha’s Chilika lake in the 2024 bird census report.

  • The Chilika Wildlife Division conducted the yearly bird census on Asia’s largest brackish water lagoon.

National Birds Day

  • Aim: To raise awareness about the birds that are captured, brutally treated or produced in captivity for financial gain and pleasure. 

oIt is illegal and morally wrong to hold birds or animals in captivity and we must work to ensure that they have a better life.

  • Date: Every year, National Birds Day is celebrated on January 5.
  • History: Since 2002, National Birds Day has been celebrated in America. This date was chosen because it also happens to be the day for the yearly Christmas Bird Count.
  • Significance: From deforestation to climate change to global warming to habitat loss, the birds have lost their homes and that lost their quality of living conditions.

Chilika Lake

  • About: Asia's largest brackish water lagoon, Chilika is located in Odisha, India, at the Bay of Bengal's mouth where the Daya River flows.

oAs the largest coastal lagoon in India and the world's second-largest, Chilika was declared a Ramsar site in 1981, reflecting its significance for biodiversity and socio-economic factors.

oChilika became the first Indian waterbody to be recognized as a wetland of international importance under the Ramsar Convention.

  • Kalijai Temple: Located on an island in the Chilika Lake.
  • Migratory Birds: Amur Falcons, Bar-headed Geese, Black-necked cranes, Marine turtles, Dugongs, Humpback Whales, etc.