NAGASTRA-1 (Syllabus: GS Paper 3 – Sci and Tech)

News-CRUX-10     15th June 2024        

Context: The Indian Army is set to induct its first indigenous loiter munition, Nagastra-1.


  • About: It is first indigenous man-portable suicide drones.
  • Developed by: Solar Industries, Nagpur, the Army has placed a supply order for Economics Explosives Ltd (EEL),

oThe Nagastra-1 is entirely designed and developed in India, demonstrating a high indigenous content of over 75%.

  • Key Features

oPrecision Strike Capability: The Nagastra-1 excels in "kamikaze mode," effectively neutralizing threats with GPS-enabled precision strikes, achieving an impressive accuracy of up to two meters.

oCompact and Lightweight Design: Weighing just 9 kg, the Nagastra-1 is a man-portable fixed-wing electric UAV designed for ease of deployment. Despite its size, it boasts an endurance of 30 minutes and can cover distances up to 15 km in man-in-loop control mode, extending to 30 km in autonomous operation.

oRecovery Mechanism: Equipped with a parachute recovery system for mission aborts, ensuring reusability and cost-effectiveness.

oOperational Specifications: Weighing 6 kg, it can remain airborne for up to 60 minutes, providing flexibility and endurance in tactical operations.

oLow Acoustic Signature: Featuring an electric propulsion system, the Nagastra-1 operates with a minimal acoustic footprint, rendering it nearly undetectable at altitudes exceeding 200 meters. This characteristic enhances its stealth capabilities significantly.

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