MERA GAON MERI DHAROHAR (Syllabus: GS Paper 1 - Art & Culture)

News-CRUX-10     29th July 2023        
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Context: The Union Minister of State for Culture, Law & Justice, and Parliamentary Affairs launched the virtual portal of Mera Gaon Meri Dharohar at Qutub Minar premises. 

  • Mera Gaon Meri Dharohar, a virtual museum that culturally maps over 6.5 lakh villages of India went live for the public amid a grand launch celebration at the Qutub Minar on 27th July 2023. 

Key Points

  • The ‘Mera Gaon Meri Dharohar’ initiative, also known as MGMD, is a pan-India project spearheaded by the Ministry of Culture under the National Mission on Cultural Mapping. 
  • The project seeks to create a comprehensive virtual platform that connects people with the diverse cultural heritage of India’s villages.
  • The primary objective of the MGMD project is to culturally map India’s vast network of villages, encompassing 6.5 lakh villages across the country. 
  • By doing so, it aims to showcase and preserve the rich cultural diversity and vibrant traditions present in these rural communities. 
  • The project aspires to bring to the forefront the hidden treasures of Indian culture and heritage, encouraging people to take pride in their roots.