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Context: The Ministry of Culture through its autonomous body, Sahitya Akademi holds literary programmes for promotion of the north eastern tribal languages such as Mizo, Ao, Garo, Chakma, Rabha, Karbi, Hmar, Lepcha, Khasi, Tangkhul, Missing, Tenydie, Kokborok, Jaintia, etc. 

Key Points

  • The Akademi encourages regional dialects and languages through Bhasha Samman for outstanding contribution in the field of classical and medieval literature and in unrecognized languages.
  • Programmes such as Gramalok to reach out to the literary lovers belonging to non-urban places across the nation.
  • Celebration of the International Day of the World’s Indigenous Peoples on 9 August by organising an All India Tribal Writers’ Meet. 
  • The North East Centre for Oral Literature (NECOL), established in Agartala to cater the regional languages which bring out related publications.
  • Translation of books from regional languages into English which would help translations into other languages for the dissemination of this unknown literature into other linguistic communities. 
  • An Oral and Tribal Literature Centre in Delhi established in December 2014 to cater to the Oral and Tribal Literature for other parts of the country and for preserving oral tradition. 
  • Program called "Loka: The Many Voices" consisting of lectures and demonstrations to protect and preserve the folk and tribal art and culture of the country. 
  • Annual Festival of Letters that includes All India Tribal Writers' Meet to promote tribal literature. Publication of invaluable works, both original and translated, and conducts book exhibitions and sales across the nation.
  • The Ministry of Education through the National Education Policy, 2020 focuses on promotion of all Indian languages including regional languages. 
    • The policy provides, wherever possible, for medium of instruction in local language up to at least class 5, and preferable up to class 8.
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