KALESAR WILDLIFE SANCTUARY (Syllabus: GS Paper 3 – Eco and Environment)

News-CRUX-10     1st May 2024        

Context: The Supreme Court has stayed the construction of 4 dams in the Kalesar Wildlife Sanctuary following the Wildlife Institute of India’ report.

Kalesar Wildlife Sanctuary

  • Location: Situated in Haryana, Kalesar Wildlife Sanctuary is a haven for nature lovers and wildlife enthusiasts.
  • Establishment: Designated as a sanctuary in 1996, Kalesar National Park (KNP) and Kalesar Wildlife Sanctuary (KWLS) represent the westernmost edge of the Terai Arc Landscape within the Shivalik mountain range.
  • Significance of Name: Named after the Kaleshwar temple, the sanctuary is graced by the presence of the Yamuna River on one of its sides.
  • Coverage: Spanning across 11,000 acres, the sanctuary is a vital part of Haryana's natural heritage.
  • Flora: Khair and Sal trees, providing a habitat for diverse wildlife.
  • Fauna: Leopards, sambar deer, barking deer, hyenas, and many more, Kalesar Wildlife Sanctuary boasts a rich biodiversity.
  • Topography: From plains to hills reaching an elevation of 700 meters, the sanctuary's landscape is marked by narrow valleys locally known as 'khols' and seasonal rivulets called 'soats'.
  • Dams: Chikan, Kansli, Khillanwala, and Ambawali, enhancing its ecological diversity.
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