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Context: Paraguay has become the 100th member of the International Solar Alliance.

 International Solar Alliance (ISA)

  • About: It is an action-oriented, member-driven, collaborative platform for increased deployment of solar energy technologies as a means for bringing energy access, ensuring energy security, and driving energy transition in its member countries.

oIt was conceived as a joint effort by India and France to mobilize efforts against climate change through deployment of solar energy solutions.

  • Background: It was first proposed by the Prime Minister of India in a speech in November 2015 when he referred to sunshine countries as Suryaputra ("Sons of the Sun").
  • Launched: It was conceptualized at the 21st Conference of Parties (COP21), 2015.
  • With the signing and ratification of the ISA Framework Agreement by 15 countries on 6 December 2017, ISA became the first international intergovernmental organisation to be headquartered in India. 
  • Headquarter: Gurugram, Haryana (India).
  • Vision: Let us together make the sun brighter.
  • Membership: At present, 119 countries are signatories to the ISA Framework Agreement, of which 99 countries have submitted the necessary instruments of ratification to become full members of the ISA.

oSpain has become the 99th member of the International Solar Alliance (ISA).

  • Objective:

oIncrease worldwide demand to drive down solar energy deployment costs.

oEnhance research and development, focusing on efficient storage systems.

oAdvocate for standardised equipment and electricity generation processes.

oStandardisation will lower manufacturing costs for hardware and equipment.

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