GREEN REVOLUTION (Syllabus: GS Paper 2 – Economy)

News-CRUX-10     29th September 2023        

Context: Dr. M.S. Swaminathan, a renowned geneticist who spearheaded India's agricultural transformation in the 1960s by advocating for the adoption of hybrid crop varieties and chemical fertilizers to achieve self-sufficiency in grain production, has sadly passed away.

Green Revolution in India

  • In India led by: M.S. Swaminathan (Father of green revolution in India).
  • Initiated by: Intensive Agriculture District Program (IADP) as an experimental project.
  • This program was implemented in seven districts across India.
  • M.S. Swaminathan Invites Norman: Norman Borlaug proposed a revolution similar to those witnessed in Mexico and Japan for Indian agriculture.
  • Launch of the High-Yielding Variety (HYV) Program: This pivotal moment marked the inception of the High-Yielding Variety (HYV) program, which played a central role in the Green Revolution.

Objectives of Green Revolution

  • Short Term: The revolution was launched to address India’s hunger crisis during the second Five Year Plan.
  • Long Term: The long term objectives included overall agriculture modernization based on rural development, industrial development; infrastructure, raw material etc.

Father of Green Revolution

  • Begging Bowl: In 1940, India earned the label of a "begging bowl" from Richard Bradly.
  • He initiated the Green Revolution during the 1960s, and he is globally recognized as the 'Father of the Green Revolution.'
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