GARDI SUGDUB (Syllabus: GS Paper 2/3 – IR/Env & Eco)

News-CRUX-10     8th June 2024        

Context: Recently, on a tiny island of Panama’s Caribbean coast, people of Guna community are forced to leave Gardi Sugdub due to climate change and rising sea level.

Gardi Sugdub

  • About: It is one of about 50 populated islands in the archipelago of the Guna Yala territory, Panama.
  • Annual Flooding: Every year, especially when the strong winds whip up the sea in November and December, water fills the streets and enters the homes.
  • Impact: Climate change isn't only leading to a rise in sea levels, but it's also warming oceans and thereby powering stronger storms.
  • Guna People: These are the indigenous people of Panama and Colombia.

oGuna people live in three politically autonomous comarcas or autonomous reservations in Panama, and a few small villages in Colombia.

oCommunity Organization: In Guna Yala, each community has its political organization, led by a saila.

üThe saila is customarily both the political and religious leader of the community.