EXIT POLL (Syllabus: GS Paper 2 – POLITY)

News-CRUX-10     30th March 2024        
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Context: The Election Commission has issued a notification imposing a ban on the conduct, publication, or publicizing of exit polls from 7.00 am on April 19 to 6.30 pm on June 1, coinciding with the voting period for the Lok Sabha and four state assembly elections.

Exit Poll:

  • About: An exit poll is conducted immediately after voters have cast their ballots in an election.

oIt aims to assess the support for political parties and their candidates based on the responses of voters as they exit the polling station.

  • Difference from Opinion Polls:

oExit polls differ from opinion polls, which gather voters' views on election-related issues before voting takes place.

oWhile opinion polls gauge general sentiments before elections, exit polls provide real-time data on voting patterns and outcomes.

  • Section 126A of the Representation of people Act 1951: It prohibits conduct of Exit poll and dissemination of their results by means of print or electronic media during the period mentioned therein, i.e. between the hour fixed for commencement of poll in the first phase and half an hour after the time fixed for close of poll for the last phase in all the States.
  • About C-VIGIL APP: cVIGIL is a user-friendly and easy to operate application that empowers Citizens to report Model Code of Conduct Violations such as bribery, free gift, liquor distribution, playing loudspeakers beyond the permissible time during the elections. By using a simple mobile app, the citizen captures the live photo or video. 
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