Seven years’ war (1756 -1763)

Mains Marks Booster     4th August 2023        

What led to Seven Years’ War?

  • Territorial disputes over colonies and trade routes, especially between Great Britain and France.
  • Strategic alliances formed between major European rival powers.
  • Competition for dominance over global trade and economic power.

Impacts of the War

  • Economic Weakening of Major European powers.
  • Increased tensions between Great Britain and its American colonies (cause for American revolution), and with France (cause for French Revolution), setting the stage for future conflicts.
  • Emergence of Great Britain as dominant global & naval power, setting stage for Industrial revolution and Britain’s colonial and economic dominance in the 19th century.


  • The Seven Years' War was a significant conflict that had far-reaching impacts on global power dynamics and European politics, gradually contributing to the development of global power dynamics that continue to shape international relations today.
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