Pakistan Political Crisis

Mains Marks Booster     27th July 2023        

Introduction: Pakistan's ongoing political crisis has reached a crescendo with former Prime Minister Imran Khan's arrest and its fallout. This has created a civil war like situation leading to a perpetual collapse of the country.

Issues for India

  • Leadership Vacuum: The lack of stable leadership in Pakistan has hindered formal diplomatic talks and deepened distrust.
  • Terrorism Challenge: India has employed diplomatic and military strategies to address terrorism emanating from Pakistan, but a lasting solution has not been achieved.
  • Nuclear Hangover: India's responses, including surgical strikes, have been influenced by the nuclear threat posed by Pakistan.
  • Short-lived Deterrence: Deterrence created by India's actions has been short-lived due to Pakistan's atomic weapons capabilities.

Imperatives for India

  • Economic Crisis: Pakistan's economic challenges have prompted introspection among military leaders, providing a window for dialogue.
  • Growing Extremism: The threat of religious extremism is viewed as a greater concern for Pakistan's national security than India.
  • Capitalize on the Conundrum: India must leverage the current conundrum in Pakistan for strategic advantage.
  • Resumption of Dialogue: India should explore the small window of opportunity to resume meaningful dialogue with Pakistan.
  • Alert Policy Imperatives: India should cautiously respond to the peace message from Pakistan's army chief.
  • Comprehensive Strategy: India needs to devise a comprehensive strategy, considering all facets of the Pakistan issue.
  • Balancing China: Given China's close ties with Pakistan, India should carefully manage its relationship with China.


  • Navigating the Pakistan conundrum requires India's astute and strategic approach. 
  • By capitalizing on the ongoing crisis, resuming dialogue, and formulating a comprehensive strategy, India can address the challenges posed by Pakistan's rogue state status, contribute to regional stability, and protect its national interests.