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Family is the fundamental unit of society.  It is the immediate environment for a child where he learns basic behavioural patterns, language, prejudice, and customs.

Family may be classified into different types:

Functions of family

Changes in Indian Family system

  • Declining trend of joint families: The nuclear families are replacing the age-old joint families. Although the existence of nuclear family is circumstantial.
  • Fall of patriarchy: The families in India are no longer truly patriarchal and in nature and there is enough scope for individual autonomy specially in urban areas.
  • Self-dependence of women: The women are no longer confined to homes. They are getting higher education and participating in job market.
  • Evolving marriage system: The age of marriage has gone up and instance of child marriage are declining, rising trend of live-in etc.
  • Neo-Local Residence: As a result of industrialization and urbanisation more and more young married couples set up their residence in the place of their work. Neo-local residence is, therefore, coming to existence more and more.
  • Influence of western values: Values relating to modern science, rationalism, individualism, equality, free life, democracy, freedom of women etc. have exerted a tremendous change on the joint family system in India.

Factors Responsible for Changes in Family system