Challenges to Internal Security through Communication Networks

Mains Marks Booster     3rd August 2023        
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Challenges to Internal Security through Communication Networks, Role of Media and Social Networking Sites in Internal Security Challenges

 Communication Networks

  • Communication networks are a part of our critical information infrastructure which was defined in the IT Act, 2000 as “the computer resource, the incapacitation or destruction of which, shall have debilitating impact on national security, economy, public health or safety.”

 Recent context

  • Recent Pegasus snooping case in India.
  • In 2018 the news broke about Facebook data breach by Cambridge Analytica (CA), a data analytics firm that worked with Donald Trump’s election campaign, had extracted Facebook data from 50 million user accounts.

 Common Threats associated with Communication Networks


 Internal Security challenges through Communication Networks

  • Economic Threats: Frauds, attack on banking communication infrastructure, acquisition of critical data such as customer’s credit/debit card data, financial theft to destabilize the economy.
  • Information Warfare: Use of information and communication technologies to manipulate, exploit, or disrupt the information and perception environment of the country promoting anti-national elements.
  • Destabilizing Critical Infrastructure like Nuclear power plants, power grids, Dams, Share Market operations through cyberattacks.
  • Penetrating Value Chain of production of communications network infrastructure for spying purpose.
  • Target public portals through communication networks and disrupting the daily public system.
  • Leakage of sensitive information like defence and security through attack on communication networks.

 Media and Social Networking Sites

  • For a nation like India, access to information and freedom of expression continue to be the foundation of its democracy. In this media plays a vital role.
  • The digital revolution has exponentially increased the reach of traditional/digital media and social media.
  • But the same media act as double-edged sword in the internal security regime.

 Challenges associated with Media and Social Networking site to Internal Security

  • Dissemination of Misinformation or Fake news, Radicalisation and Recruitment, Cybersecurity threats, Online Harassment and Cyberbullying, Compromisation of Individual Privacy, Manipulation of Public Opinion, Cyberterrorism.

Steps taken by Government

  • National Security Directive on Telecommunication Sector 2021.
  • Indigenisation technology: Recent 5G launch in India through indigenous technology.
  • Promotion for manufacturing critical infrastructure hardware components in India under National electronic policy.
  • Information Technology Act 2000: Under this act various network threats are considered.
  • Telecom Regulatory Authority of India (TRAI): It regulates licensing of communication networks in in.
  • National Digital Communications Policy in 2018: DoT may have legitimate grounds for extending its jurisdiction over digital communications and various digital applications.
  • Stay Safe online Campaign.


Communication networks, media, and social networking sites play a dual role in internal security challenges. While they enhance communication, they also pose risks through misinformation, extremist content, and coordination of illegal activities. Collaborative efforts are needed to strike a balance between individual freedoms and national security.