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From global to grassroot:
  • Meaning: It signifies a shift in perspective or approach from a broader, worldwide scale to a more localized and community-centered one. This transition often involves focusing on issues, solutions, or actions that begin at the global level and then trickle down to have an impact at the grassroots level, where individuals, communities, and local organizations are directly involved.  
  • Usage: It can be used in questions related to - Bottom-up approach, Global perspectives on health, disaster management, terrorism, environment and climate related initiatives, educational initiatives, Manufacturing, MSME, One district one product Etc.
Sow seeds of consensus not conflict: 
  • Meaning: This keyword encourages a collaborative and harmonious approach to problem-solving and decision-making. It suggests that, instead of fostering disputes and disagreements, it is more productive and constructive to plant the seeds of agreement, cooperation, and mutual understanding.
  • Usage: It can be used in questions related to – Centre-State and Inter-state relations, Diversity, Caste, religion, Communalism and extremism, North-South Divide, Developing vs developed nation Etc.
Value based Education (VBE):
  • Meaning: VBE aims to nurture students' character and social development, instilling in them a sense of responsibility, empathy, and integrity. This approach seeks to prepare students not only for academic success but also for becoming ethical and responsible individuals who contribute positively to society.
  • Usage: It can be used in questions related to – Education and skill, NEP 2020, SDG number 4, Foundational to higher education Etc.
From food-deficient to a self-sufficient nation: 
  • Meaning: It represents a significant achievement in terms of food security, agriculture, and economic development transitioning from lack of food to sufficient food security.
  • Usage: It can be used in questions related to - Agriculture and food security, green revolution, India’s transition from food import to net food export country, MSP and PDS, Global supply chain crisis and food shortages Etc.


Example of courage, fight for women’s right and democracy:
  • Example: Iranian activist Narges Mohammadi has won the Nobel Peace Prize recently in recognition of her tireless campaigning for women’s rights and democracy, and against the death penalty.
  • She has kept up her activism despite numerous arrests by Iranian authorities and spending years behind bars. She has remained a leading light for nationwide, women-led protests


Role of higher education in capacity building: According to Organisation for Economic Co-operation and Development (OECD):
  • People with a higher education degree are more employable and earn an average of 54% more than those who only have completed senior secondary education. 
  • A university-inclusive education, thus, better protects people against:
  • Poverty (SDG1), 
  • Prevents them from hunger (SDG2), 
  • Supports them for good health and well-being (SDG3), 
  • Promotes gender equality (SDG5), 
  • Provides them decent work, which in turn drives economic growth (SDG 8), and reduces inequalities (SDG10).


Prime Minister’s speech:
  • On Green Revolution: The Green Revolution offered a glimpse of India’s “Can Do Spirit” — that if we have a billion challenges, we also have a billion minds with the flame of innovation to overcome those challenges. 


Hub and Spoke Model:  
  • Definition: The hub and spoke model is a design pattern that is commonly used in transportation and logistics systems. In this model, a central hub (or “hub”) serves as a central point of connection for a number of outlying “spokes”.
Money Bill: 
  • Definition: Article 110 defines a “Money Bill” as one containing provisions dealing with taxes, regulation of the government’s borrowing of money, and expenditure or receipt of money from the Consolidated Fund of India, among others.


Quote on Personal liberation and challenges: Freeing yourself was one thing, claiming ownership of that freed self was another”. –  Toni Morrison
  • Meaning: The quote conveys a profound message about personal liberation and the challenges that can come with it.
  • Freeing Yourself: It suggests that achieving personal freedom or breaking free from constraints, whether they are physical, mental, emotional, or societal, is a significant and sometimes difficult accomplishment.
  • Claiming Ownership of That Freed Self: This means you must then take ownership of your newfound freedom. And not only recognizing that you are free but also taking responsibility for your choices, actions, and the direction of your life.
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