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Politics of visibility to politics of welfare:
  • Meaning: It refers to a change in political focus and priorities.
  • Politics of Visibility: It often involves political actions or policies that are geared towards gaining attention, recognition, or visibility.
  • Politics of Welfare: It involves policies and actions aimed at promoting social welfare, economic prosperity, healthcare, education, and other aspects that contribute to the overall quality of life.
  • Usage: It can be used in questions related to - Political reforms, Inter and intra party democracy, Welfare state and democracy, Social welfare and social equality, good governance Etc.
Collaborating the spirit of public service and idea of Jan Bhagidari:
  • Meaning: Spirit of Public Service: This refers to a commitment or dedication to working for the well-being and benefit of the public or society.
  • Idea of Jan Bhagidari: Jan Bhagidari emphasizes the active participation and involvement of the public or community in the decision-making and governance processes.
  • Usage: It can be used in questions related to - Civil services reforms, Good Governance, Gov schemes and implementation, People’s participation, RTI and citizen charter Etc.
From climate pledges to climate actions:
  • Meaning: The transition reflects a commitment to translating words into deeds, recognizing the urgency of addressing climate change, and acknowledging the need for practical steps to achieve environmental sustainability.
  • Usage: It can be used in questions related to – Climate change and mitigation, Global efforts towards climate change like Paris agreement, UNFCCC, Climate finance, Mission LiFE, Sustainable development Etc.
Innovation driven entrepreneurship:
  • Meaning: It refers to a business approach that emphasizes the creation and development of new ideas, products, processes, or services as a primary driver of entrepreneurial activities. This type of entrepreneurship places a strong emphasis on innovation as a key factor for success in the marketplace.
  • Usage: It can be used in questions related to – Make in India, Start-up India, Atal Innovation Misssion, Manufacturing and entrepreneurship, Higher education and skill India Etc.


Example of cooperative and competitive federalism for growth:
  • Step taken: Ministry of Housing and Urban Affairs (MoHUA) has started ‘AAINA Dashboard for Cities’ portal where Urban Local Bodies (ULBs) across the country can participate in this pioneering initiative to voluntarily submit their key data on a regular basis.
  • Objective: The primary objectives of the AAINA Dashboard are to help cities to
  • see how they are faring vis-à-vis other cities,
  • inspire them by pointing to possibilities and areas of improvement and
  • providing opportunity to learn and engage with frontrunners.
  • While not ranking the ULBs, the AAINA dashboard would serve as a tool for comparing similarly placed cities and promoting peer learning among cities.


Member of Parliament (MPs)/lakh population:
  • An Indian Member of Parliament (MP) represents 25 Lakhs citizens, on average.
  • In comparison, other countries:
  • S. House of Representatives member - represents approximately 7lakhs citizens.
  • In Pakistan, a member of the National Assembly is a representative of approximately 6 lakhs citizens.
  • In Bangladesh - It is closer to approximately 5 lakhs citizens.
Success of Government e-Marketplace (GeM):
  • Contribution of services sector in the overall contribution to the total order value has jumped from 23% in FY 21-22 to nearly 46% in the FY 2023-24.
  • Nearly 49% of the total order value transacted through the platform has been awarded to MSEs. In just 7 months, more than 45000 MSEs have registered as sellers/service providers registered on GeM.
  • Cost saving: According to the Economic Survey 2021-22, GeM's prices were 9.5% lower than other online platforms for 10 out of 22 commodities. GeM's transformative journey is a testament to transparency, efficiency, and inclusivity driven by cutting-edge technology and innovation.


Prime Minister’s speech:
  • On Ayurveda: From groundbreaking research to dynamic startups, Ayurveda is furthering new paths to wellness.
  • On entrepreneurs: It is due to the creativity and relentless spirit of entrepreneurs that we can be #VocalForLocal and further India’s progress. 


Supreme court (SC) judgements on forest conservation:
  • Godavarman Thirumulkpad case (1996): It extended the scope of the Forest Conservation Act of 1980: It led to an interpretation of forest land in accordance with its ‘dictionary meaning’, and subsequently, all private forests were brought under the ambit of the 1980 law.


Deep Ocean Mission (DOM):
  • Definition: The Deep Ocean Mission (DOM) is India’s ambitious project approved being implemented by the Ministry of Earth Sciences (MoES). It aims to explore and harness the depths of the ocean and embark on a journey to a depth of 6,000 metres in the ocean using an indigenously developed submersible with a three-member crew.
  • Definition: Delimitation literally means the act or process of fixing limits or boundaries of territorial constituencies in a country or a province having a legislative body. The job of delimitation is assigned to a high-power body known as Delimitation Commission or a Boundary Commission in India.


Quote on Scientific exploration of the Universe: We are a way for the cosmos to know itself”. – Carl Sagan
  • Meaning: The quote reflects a profound perspective on human existence and our connection to the universe.
  • This encourages a sense of interconnectedness between humanity and the universe.
  • It underscores the idea that the same fundamental elements that make up the stars, planets, and galaxies are also present in us.
  • It emphasizes that our existence is not separate from the cosmos but intricately linked to the grand tapestry of the cosmos itself.
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