History Optional Test Series 2022


Enhance your score to 300+ marks in History Optional

Strategic coverage of entire syllabus with notes

Based on current trend of UPSC and relevant themes

Topper who cracked BPSC in 2018-19

AIR - 1

Topper who got DANICS in CSE 2019

AIR - 776

Features & Benefits

  • Lack of quality test series which provides timely and pinpointed feedback
  • Missing exam oriented answer writin
  • Differentiating General studies answers with History Optional Answers
  • Issue with retention of relevant information
  • 8 sectional and 8 full length tests
  • Comprehensive Discussion Sessions by Vikas Ahlawat Sir
  • Model answers with Approach Box and Value Addition Box
  • Personalised mentorship with the experts
  • Offline and online test mechanism available
  • 6 Working Days evaluation assured
  • Content differentiation with specific focus on subject language, keywords and historians’ views
  • Use of mind maps in class to ensure retention of key points