Ethics Foundation Batch -2023


Target 145+ with Special Focus on Section A

Extensive Case Study Analysis (Section B)

High quality Handouts

Top Rank in CSE '21

AIR - 1 - Shruti Sharma

Top Rank in CSE '21

AIR - 6 - Yaksh Choudhary

Features & Benefits

  • Over focus on GS I,II & III (As part of Prelims)
  • Lack of conceptual clarity & understanding
  • Difficulty in Interrelating concepts with day to day life
  • Inadequate/Unsuitable examples in Section A
  • Innovative Pedagogy to build conceptual clarity & ethical stimulation
  • Elaborate Coverage of PYQs based major ethical arguments and subject matter
  • Comprehensive Value Enrichment Material with key word specific definitions, multi-dimensional examples, case studies etc.
  • 12 Classes to cover the Entire Ethics theory Syllabus Comprehensively. 08 Dedicated Case Studies Sessions covering major decision-making themes/contexts including important Previous Year Questions (PYQs).
  • High end class discussions
  • Cover entire syllabus in 22+ Sessions
  • High quality handouts
  • In class discussion of PYQs.