About Us

Dear Student,

A warm welcome at theIAShub, an institution solely dedicated to prepare you “Be Your Dream” !

Over the past few years, theIAShub has emerged as a premier institute for IAS preparation in India, known for its innovative learning methods, dynamism in teaching and excellence in content creation. As reflected in our working culture, our vision is to develop creative, innovative, dynamic and ethical Future Leaders!

Our Mission

With an urge to make an early career into civil services, students plunge into the preparation as early as possible these days, just after completing their graduation. Most of them aren’t familiar with the rigorous art of information gathering, sorting, understanding, prioritizing, presenting and improvising. It results in unnecessary chaos and unwanted delays in attaining their goals, thereby increasing their unproductive years.

As professionals, we understand the nitty gritties of this arduous journey of preparation, along with the changing dynamics of the UPSC paper patterns. Hence, we have aligned and designed our methodologies to the best of requirements. Lucid explanations to develop conceptual clarity, Mindmaps and Acronyms for easy recalls, and well defined layouts to attempt any answer, are few of the teaching techniques we specialize in. We do not rest on past laurels. Rather take every class as a new challenge and continue to strive for perfection.

Predominantly, it’s you who wins in the end. But we are here to refine your attitude, nurture your aptitude and motivate you enough till you finally make it to the Merit List!