News-CRUX-10     3rd January 2024        
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Context: The Telecommunication Engineering Centre TEC of Department of Telecommunications DoT has brought 37 more products under Simplified Certification scheme SCS.

Simplified Certification Scheme (SCS)

  • About: It is tailored for applicants dealing with Group A equipment. Under this scheme, applicants submit a test-wise compliance sheet and a Self-Declaration of Conformity (SDoC) for parameters included in ERs.
  • Applicability: This scheme applies to all equipment notified under the SCS category periodically.
  • Application Process: Under this scheme, applicants are required to submit a test-wise compliance sheet, a Self-Declaration of Conformity (SDoC), and test reports for parameters outlined in Essential Requirements (ERs).
  • Adherence to GCS Rules/Procedures: All rules and procedures applicable to the General Certification Scheme (GCS) are applicable to SCS, with the exception that test reports submitted by the applicant will not be evaluated by TEC. 

oHowever, TEC retains the right to seek clarifications from the applicant, if necessary.

  • Certificate Issuance: Certificates will typically be issued within fifteen working days from the date of application submission.
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