PRP ACT 2023 (Syllabus: GS Paper 2 – Governance)

News-CRUX-10     4th March 2024        
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Context: The registration of newspapers and other periodicals will be governed by the provisions of the Press and Registration of Periodicals Act, 2023, and its Rules, which came into effect recently.

Press and Registration of Periodicals Act, 2023

  • Registration of Periodicals:  The Act provides for the registration of newspapers, periodicals, and books. 

oIt provides for the registration of periodicals, which include any publication containing public news or comments on public news.  Periodicals do not include books or scientific and academic journals.

  • Replace to: Press and Registration of Books Act 1867.
  • Foreign Periodicals: An exact reproduction of a foreign periodical may be printed in India only with the prior approval of the central government.  
  • Press Registrar GeneralThe Act provides for the central government to appoint a Press Registrar who maintains a register of newspapers.  
  • Registration of a Printing Press: The Act requires a printing press to be declared before the DM.
  • Suspension and Cancellation of Registration:  The act allows the Press Registrar General to suspend a periodical’s registration for a minimum period of 30 days which can extend to 180 days.  
  • The registration may be suspended due to: (i) registration obtained by furnishing false information, (ii) failure to publish periodicals continuously, and (iii) giving false particulars in annual statements.  
  • The Press Registrar General may cancel the registration (i) a periodical has the same or similar title as any other periodical, 

o(ii) the owner/ publisher has been convicted of a terrorist act or unlawful activity, or for acting against the security of the state.    

  • Penalties and appeal: (i) publishing periodicals without registration (up to five lakh rupees), (ii) failing to furnish annual statement within the specified time (up to Rs 20,000 on first default). 

Press Sewa Portal

  • About: The Act introduces the Press Sewa Portal, an online platform for the registration of newspapers and periodicals across India.
  • Registration Processes: The Press Sewa Portal replaces manual, multi-step processes, aiming to alleviate hardships faced by publishers due to bureaucratic procedures.
  • Functions: The portal facilitates various functions such as obtaining registration certificates, transferring ownership, and submitting annual statements, enhancing efficiency and accessibility for publishers.
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