News-CRUX-10     25th August 2023        

Context: There is a strong relationship between soil micronutrients and nutritional outcomes of people, with nutrient deficient soil contributing to nutritional deficiency in especially children and adult women, a new study has highlighted.

Key Points

  • Soil zinc availability is associated with an increase in the height of women.
    • A strong relationship between soil iron availability and anaemia among women and haemoglobin levels among children and women.
    • Over 35 percent of the soil in the country was estimated to be deficient in zinc and about 11 per cent estimated to be deficient in iron. 
    • In terms of nutrition deficiency in humans, India has roughly a third of the global population suffering from micronutrient deficiency, as per Global Nutrition report 2018. 
  • Iron deficiency is also the primary cause of anaemia in India. 
    • While the rate of child stunting was about 39 per cent, malnutrition was one of the leading risk factors for loss of Disability-Adjusted Life-Years in 2017.
  • India has one of the highest prevalence of anaemia - 53.1 percent of women (age 15-49 years) and 58.5 percent of children under the age of five were anaemic. 
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