LignoSat Wooden Satellite (Syllabus: GS Paper 3 – Sci and Tech)

News-CRUX-10     5th June 2024        
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Context: Recently scientists have developed the satellite named LignoSat.

LignoSat Wooden Satellite

  • About: It is the world's first wooden satellite.
  • Developed by: Japan through a collaboration between Kyoto University and the logging company Sumitomo Forestry.
  • Aim: The aim is to test the idea of using wood as an eco-friendly alternative to metal-based satellites, as wood would burn completely upon re-entry into Earth's atmosphere.
  • Measuring Deformation: The satellite is designed to measure the deformation of the wooden structure in space.
  • Size: LignoSat is a cube that measures 10 centimetres on each side.
  • Material: The satellite is made from timber, specifically magnolia wood.

o Magnolia wood is highly sought-after for its striking coloration and fine grain.

  • Significance: Laboratory tests found magnolia wood to be particularly stable and resistant to cracking.
  • Space Durability: In space, there is no oxygen to cause the wood to burn and no living creatures to cause it to rot.
  • Future Prospects: If LignoSat succeeds in orbit, wood could become a material for future satellites, with over 2,000 spacecraft expected to launch annually.